So… the site upgrade.

The site upgrade went a bit further than I thought. 

Currently, I have been up to my eyeballs in my day job and baby chickens, funnily enough… so the store has suffered. Really suffered (poor Flannelberry). Funnily enough, as I was torn and trying to figure out what to do (I don’t want to give up the store and I don’t want to to a crummy job) a friend mentioned that if I wasn’t super into the store or was too busy or… she’d LOVE to adopt it. 


That was amazing. And sad but mostly amazing. She has the time and the computer know how. I have a bunch of stuff too (or at least I’ve convinced her I have hahaha) and so we decided to amalgamate. That’s right – rather than close the doors we’re becoming Flanneberry Creek. 

Cool hey? 

So, check out the new site here:

Be forewarned that we’re still figuring out glitches and such but we’re here and it’s really cool.

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The site upgrade…

it really is being worked on. There was another Nac Mac Feegle sorta situation but it’s been discovered and is currently being solved.  Thank goodness for people with more computer sense than I!

As for fibre… well we had a Cub camp out this weekend so not a lot of new progress was made on dyeing. The shawl grows and grows. It’s decreasing now and I see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think though, I may have made this too heavy to wear. We’ll see.

There is a really cool variation of the shawl I’m knitting in this Just Keep Knitting.

Don’t have your copy? You can order one direct from the publisher.


Ok – back to work.


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Just checking

I’ve tried to relink with FB so my posts are automatically published. We’ll see if my mad computer skills are awake this early on Saturday morning.


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I just don’t want to be at the computer -unless I’m knitting and watching something historical on it or emailing one of you about something you’d like to order!


We had a bit of a blow this winter. We had part of an old, heavy, rotten birch come down on the building that houses the shop. No damage to the fibre (thank goodness!!!) but it’s presented some difficulties and means we’ll be building in the summer (not such a bad thing really, I suppose).

There has been fibre play -even if I have’t been bragging about it 🙂

This is a cutch exhaust dye bath using Aquarelle Liquid Dye extracts. Not the best picture but such a great colour. The initial fibre came out brown with a reddish tone – like cedar or something. This is more chocolatey and I could have keep going. There was plenty more dye in the pot but I need to try other colours (need – hahaha).



As usual, I figured I’d try the brown but I wouldn’t be blown away by it and how wrong I was!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Kaellingesjal already in progress (and nearly done).

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We’ve been busy

Some good news – I saw the hand doc who said basically the same thing as Joanne – use the fingers even when they hurt. So my plan is to start spinning over spring break. It’s nice to know what a normal level of pain would be for them to heal.

The other thing is… well, I can’t tell you just yet. I think the announcement will be in early April but there is very exciting news just around the bend.


I can give you a bit of eye candy for now



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Colours from the dye pot…

So we’ve been playing with colour…


This madder is blowing my mind! This is it hitting the dye pot:



Here are the results:



Here’s a close up – a more accurate image of the colour. It’s got a more blue undertone than the above picture would have you believe. It’s not as hard to get a more true red with Aquarelle as with ground root.


It’s a bit pink for me so I think it’ll go back in to the pot today with either indigo, Himalayan Rhubarb or… hmmm… Lac would be interesting too. Fortunately I have four skeins so I could easily do one of each…


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In which my butt continunes to be kicked…

Yep. The shawl has one mistake that will live forever in it (and no, I’m not pointing it out) but it’s not kicking my butt. It’s the store. I was trying to switch platforms to a bigger, fancier store and have decided to shelf that project. I have not had time to place orders, update my inventory (although I did get it all logged so I made some progress) or PLAY WITH FIBRE. Ok, I did get a dye project done:


(the one on the home page) but there’s been too much computer and not enough fibre.


So, I’ve decided to add more features to the current site (like a site map which has been added and a search function that will be added), we’re going to have the yarn sorted by both brand and weight and so on. And I’d like your feedback. If it’s easier/more difficult to navigate, if there’s something you’d like to see and if there’s any that would make the online experience a better one for you.


Maybe another contest would help? I’ll go see what I have to offer up…

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