Well, all of the festivities are done. For us this means Solstice and Xmas. The Solstice Fairy did come on Solstice Eve leaving a treasure hunt that went up and down all three floors (our house is small and tall) and outside.

We were all very spoiled for both holidays. For Solstice we were given this really cool, old Tibetan game called Sho from J’s folks. I am personally quite addicted to it. There’s random chance and strategy in a very simple package. It’s so cool. I think it would be a great gift for some of the other people I know… I’ll have to keep it in mind. That’s the funny thing about this time of year – I find so many things that would be great gifts for people but by the time a year has gone by I don’t remember the things I had thought of. I’ve thought of a few different ways of reminding myself but so far… not so good!

I’ve decided that for me, 2010 is the year of Rocking Socks. I have every intention of mastering socks this year – so they may be coming to a holiday near you, about a year from now.

The other really cool thing I got which may not seen like much but… is one of these. OMG! It’s even cooler in real life. We have about four on our deck already and another one freezing. I plan to line all of the paths here with them. I just love this. It’s been on my wish list FOREVER!

In other news, we’ve had friends here and have more coming. LG is flaking out with PS2 (yes, we still have one of those antiquated things. He loves it.) I’m nearly finished my poor sis’s brthday present (part the second as a result of my failure to swatch). I hopefully will be able to post it tomorrow. ¬†Speaking of sis – she got the coolest gift. A sewing machine from her beloved. How cool! After speaking to her last night my hands were itching to get mine out and work on the unfinished quilt(s) I have languishing. I’ll definitely need to work part time to keep up with all of the crafting I have to do!

I think that’s all. A bit of tidying up for our impending company, a quick run to town and oh yes, borrowing J’s iPhone for tethering purposes. I want to get the You Tube of Judy’s Magic Cast On so I can easily do toe up socks and top down mitts and toques. Off for some fibery goodness.


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  1. tamarasheehan

    Ooh! I like those ice lantern thingies!

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