Up waaaayyyy too early

Yep, it’s early. Not as early as it was when I first got up. That was way back at 4am.

Last night, I decided I didn’t feel like having supper. In my finite wisdom, I had a piece of gingerbread cake instead. With Crohn’s I do have times when I’m just not hungry and last night was one of them. However, I also knew the probability of getting hungry was high. Hence the cake. So, at 4 am I woke up. Hungry. I didn’t get up right away. I tried to get back to sleep – by way of finishing a really bad book – until just after 5 at which point I made myself tea and toast and decided not to waste the morning. I’ll nap later (that’s the great thing about having time off work) or whatever but since I’m up… I thought I’d surf a bit – blog a bit and then open up a whole bunch of windows with interesting things to read while I hit the stationary bike. It will be a good morning. I’m naturally inclined to be up earlier than later so perhaps this is also my rhythm righting itself after the chaos that has been the holidays.

After riding, I am going to knit socks. I’ve had a few trial and error socks but I’ve decided it’s time. I love socks, once people get the hang of them, they tell me socks end up being the perfect knitting project – portable, easy (once you get past the initial learning curve), fun, an excellent gift and, as far as knitting goes, relatively inexpensive. So, socks it is. Which leads me to the next thought…

I have been thinking about resolutions a lot. I know, it’s that time of year and ordinarily I don’t make any but this year I’m thinking I will. They’ll be well thought out and useful. I haven’t really ever seriously made resolutions but I know some things I really want to accomplish next year so why not set a goal to make them happen?

Well, that is the general updatery done, breakfast is also done. It’s time for my Smacintosh and I to be downstairs working on our goals (well, mine, anyway).


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