Maybe a PhD?

Well, I’ve joked for a while that I would love to do more school but I didn’t think I could see myself doing more social work or anything along that line. For the longest time I’d expected I would eventually do my PhD in clinical psych or some related sort of field but I just can’t bring myself to make that commitment. There’s two reasons, I suspect. The first is that it is a commitment. I’ve started a big programme and had to drop out which left us with a big chunk of debt and nothing to show for it. I don’t want to do that again. I also don’t think I care enough about the paid work I do to dedicate myself that completely to it. Of course the other things -like the debt, the time away from home, etc. don’t help either.

Lately, I’ve been joking that I’ll do a PhD when I can do one in fibre/knitting/etc. Well, I think I’ve found a PhD that will actually allow me to do just that. Alright, it’s not a real PhD but it is the PhD of fibre. I’m seriously considering the Master Spinner Certificate Programme as a starting off place. And likely a Master Dyer as well. I love both of those things, have researched the heck out of them – likely have a good percentage of all of the books on the subject – and would love to do a bit more structured study that would challenge me in that way academia does, but on something I’d be doing just for me and just out of interest. There are practical reasons for doing it but they’re really quite secondary.

It’s something I’m going to give a lot of thought to but I really see it as a possibility. I’m not a great spinner by any stretch -advanced beginner or so but I’d like to be. As I was telling J, there’s something about the act of spinning that simply cannot be described. I love weaving but it’s not the same. I have no interest to progress to a bigger loom or fancier gear. I’d like to get better but for me the primary interest is simple tapestry and rug stuff, as well as throws etc. But simple. I actually find I don’t appreciate a lot of the look of woven stuff (sorry fellow weavers). And the simple stuff – which I do like – my loom and I can do. As well as the tapestry/simple rug things.

OTOH, I could get back into livestock – there’s always these cuties to keep me busy…

I admit it, that photo alone makes me want to bring them home. And I have two bags of yak down waiting to be spun. It’s so lovely I just smoosh it (carefully – don’t want it felting) and stick my face in it – and everyone else’s (to which my family can attest). My point about the down is that I know how lovely the fibre can be – after you deal with the dust etc. in it.




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4 responses to “Maybe a PhD?

  1. tamarasheehan

    Addict! You’re an addict! Which is probably as it should be…

  2. Ooooooooooh I had no idea the yaks were so cute! That mama looks like Baldr, but bigger – and female, of course. 🙂 Okay, I am totally behind the yak thing. 🙂 What’s the meat like, I wonder? I presume it’s a lot like beef.

    I know 2 ladies here who have done Master Spinner, it’s fun to watch them spin, they are so good at it! I really enjoyed the one class I did at Olds last year, but at this stage in my life I’m in the ‘going broader rather than deeper’ kind of phase: I am doing a litle bit of a lot of things, and getting to a level of basic competence in several areas (fibre, food, gardening, farming) while trying to hold down a full time job and hang on for dear life.

    Knowledge is it’s own reward. Get as much of it as you can!

  3. She does look like him, doesn’t she? Maybe that’s part of what made her so attractive? I think they’re amazing.

    I think I’m in the opposite phase of you (there’s some special grammar!). I know I enjoy a lot of things but I really want to focus on a couple. For example, I love the loom but I just enjoy fooling around on it, or making soap. I like to but I’m fine with a tried and true recipe, I don’t care to tinker too much. But making yarn – that I want to do in a whole different way!

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