On CBC today – yes, I’ve been home listening all afternoon- they were talking about some big car show (can you tell I care?). One of the big things is that industry has kinda sorta clued in that big trucks are not the way to go. There was a big shocker though that more people weren’t excited etc about he hybrids and there’s some question as to whether or not they’re going to do well.

Let me tell you why, in spite of having recently bought a new car we did not go with a hybrid. You’ll know but the auto industry still won’t get it.

When we needed a new car (fall 2008) we seriously considered a hybrid – a Toyota Prius to be exact. Two main reasons kept us from going for it. First – the actual kilometres per litre were NOT impressive. Especially not when compared with smaller, well made vehicles (like VW or other Toyotas). Second – if you have any problem with your Prius in this area, it’s quite an ordeal – and cost – to have that dealt with. We don’t live anywhere near a Toyota dealership. One of my coworkers has a Prius and while she likes it, she’s not terribly impressed with many factors.

Cost was a bit of a factor but not much of one. Something else too, something to do with the batteries. But those were the big ones. In fact, the TDI Golf, iirc, gets better mileage than the Prius (not the online mileage, the actual mileage – although maybe the online mileage is better). Or it was so close that it wasn’t worth the extra cost/hassle.

I think if industry really wants these vehicles to be purchased, they have to be better than what we already have. I’m willing to pay – not ridiculously but I would pay more. But it’s got to be worth it.

Now, I have to go research cows…


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  1. Friend of mine has a Smart car and loves it. Of course, all I can think is “smart car vs deer = me dead” so, no way. Plus, big bucks up front. Our fleet of aging mostly diesel imports will do just fine – pain in the butt lots of the time, like with parts and such, but you do what you gotta do.

    Now … cows? Whatcha researching on cows??

    (Wanna come do a homestudy with Dexters? You can milk Sasha!)

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