Still missing them

So LG, just yesterday, I think, asked when we’d get sheep again. J – if you’re reading you might want to skip this entry.

I told him I’m not ready to now, which he understands but he’s been there when he’s Grandma has offered me (future) pasture so the question has become when. Of course, when I suggested we do it together and he does a 4H lamb thing – well, he wasn’t too into that. But he was into the sheep.

I have to confess, although I love the lightened workload and expenses, I do miss them. It seems to me that I will be lobbying for a handful – just a fibre flock – when the meadow is an option. Not having to buy hay year ’round will make a huge difference. That’s not to say there aren’t things to sort out (like fences and water) but I’m making headway on that. And if it’s planned out, especially knowing what we know, it will not be an overwhelming deal.

Someone recently asked what I mean by fibre flock. I mean, a handful, literally a trio or slightly more, of wethers or ewes with great fleece. Um, and a livestock guardian of some sort. Llama maybe.

So yeah, I do want woolies again, even knowing how much work they are. A group of us were playing – totally coincidentally – the what do you want to be when you grow up game. Yep, sheep figured into it. Highly.

Sorry J.



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6 responses to “Still missing them

  1. So, after Olds, are you coming here to visit them? 🙂

    Consider this an official invitation: after your Friday class, you can drive up here, spend the night, visit the sheepies, and head home on Hwy 16 on Saturday. It makes total sense. Yup, it does. A 5 hour detour to see the sheep? Yeah, it makes sense.

    We have lots of beds. 🙂

  2. J

    No…. Just….no….

  3. Just a little detour huh? I suspect not but it is tempting!

  4. Hee hee… I know, you’re just worried that you’d end up with a lamb in the backseat on the way home!! They’re still pretty small by July … they’d fit in a dog crate.

    Here is your sheep story for the day: The calf got into the sheep pen last week and Baldr *chased him* away from the ewes. The calf is four times his size, but that didn’t deter Baldr at all! The calf was very anxious to get back OUT (funny how they will jump IN but not back OUT, you gotta go open a gate for their grand exit…) You could just see him thinking “get this insane sheep away from me!!!” (So we did. :))

    Ah, soon it’ll be time to have sheepies at your house again. And then I’ll just have to come visit you and bring them with me! Maybe you’ll have yaks by then, too. They are so cool looking.

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