I’m crying!!!

No to worry, it’s the result of chopping up four onions for a lovely baked French Onion Soup. I’m feeling hopeful about being able to eat it. I’ve been in another food down turn. It’s a bit depressing to say the least. My oh so exciting meals today went something like this: two spoonsful of yogurt to take gigantic pills the size of a horse. That’s what they mean when they say horse sized – not sized for horses so much as the size of horses. By about 11 am I was hungry so I had chocolate Boost. After picking up LG I was hungry again and had another delicious (not) chocolate Boost. We did groceries and I bought junky white French bread for the soup. I did managed to eat a slice with low fat cream cheese (can’t handle too much fat) that is so far so good. I think now that I’m back on the full dose of medication and easily digestible foods I will be back on the mend but the last few days have just SUCKED!

Anyway, I’m thinking Baked French Onion will be delicious and not too hard on the body. Yes, I will forgo most of the top. I’m trying to decide what to put in it though. There’s a lot of recipes that call for either sherry or cognac (neither of which I have here) but also those that call for wine and/or beer. I think I will have to add the beer. I’m thinking that would work the best with all of these particular flavours. Mmm and maybe beer bread to go with it.

In other news. We did our big chicken order today. There’s a group of us – although this year it’s a smaller group. Well, different actually. A few new people stepped in so maybe not really smaller. We just got a few – we wanted to augment the breeds that are thriving and try out a couple of new ones. I was worried about having too many but right now, I have only the eggs that were laid today for our use as the rest have been spoken for. One friend was telling me she could easily take a couple dozen a week. So… I think we’ll be fine. The coolest thing is a few people pay cash but others trade – often for fruit. Suits me JUST FINE!

There’s more to say but I must go and caramelize my onions now that they’re soft and I’m no longer in danger of tears.



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2 responses to “I’m crying!!!

  1. Not being able to eat while still feeling hungry is a real bummer.

    Have you any squash? Maybe a pureed squash soup would be a possibility … it’s nice and gentle, and easy to make!

    I also stumbled on this in the Richter’s catalogue – a plant called Wild Lettuce which is supposed to be very good for digestive troubles much like yours. I showed the listing to a coworker who has the same issues as you, and she thought it just might work. I, of course, haven’t a clue, but hey, for a couple bucks worth of seed, it might be worth a shot.

    Feel better!

    • Is Wild Lettuce the same as Miner’s Lettuce? It grows wild here. I thought the same thing. I’m hoping to gather some and try it. I did manage some soup and white bread – it is so strange to eat that again!

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