Oh my -it’s Friday

Last night was a long one. The house was sieged  by coyotes – literally. The dogs were um… working (barking) all night long. I have known all day it’s Friday but it only just hit me that tomorrow, LG and I can get up late for us (J will be up early because he has aikido – I know, I’m still having trouble adjusting to that), lounge in our pjs and play. For him, this may mean Lego, board games or stuffies – possibly Playmobil. He’s also working hard to get Read-a-thon minutes, so that will figure in. For me – fibre. I have a toque underway, a sock I frogged last night that will be finished this weekend and I have some sort of wool that came dyed (it’s crazy black and white) that needs spinning. It doesn’t felt terribly well – there’s an actual hair to it which makes me wonder if there’s something more than just sheep in there. It was a mill end and cheap practice fibre so I am NOT complaining.

Yay weekend!

Oh – and the BWD is on the loose. I’m sure that means less coyotes but lots of barking. Hopefully I can catch her before it’s really late.


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