Oh yes, I forgot the spindles

I’m also surfing spindles. I’ve decided on a rim weight bottom whorl. I’ll need one for school so I figure it’s best to start looking now.

There are so many options. I love these and I’m totally into this one (the medieval one, of course). I’m not sure how I’ll pick. Like the wheel it’s going to be what I can afford. There’ll be no trying out this or that and then getting one I like. I doubt anyone outside of the current area was that picky. I do have a homemade one but as I can’t be sure it’s actually balanced, it doesn’t make sense to try to use it for class!


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  1. The Boy made some lovely ones from wheels and dowels – all top whorl, though, mostly because that’s the kind I prefer. 🙂 Since the dowels fit right in and had the centre of the dowel pre-marked, they are nicely balanced. Kinda on the heavy side, but not at all bad for starters, which is how we market them – they are a big hit at fibre demos.

    I have a gorgeous lightweight spindle with a mushroom kind of top, looks to me like it was turned on a lathe – it was a gift from my loving husband (he got it at the LYS), I used it all the time before I got my wheel. I’ll bring spindles for you to play with at Olds! The vendors there will have some as well, so if you want to try some out, they’ll have a bunch you can test drive.

    I haven’t spindle spun for a long time – I should do that again. 🙂

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