Things are finally sorted…

There has been so much change this month. Not the least of which is the shop (, the chick babies and the menagerie of dogs, cats, chickens and ducks. Hopefully I’ll get some photos up tomorrow. LG is home sick – he’s been sick all week – and it doesn’t look like school is in the cards tomorrow either. So, photos of the new garden in progress, the growing teenage chicks and everyone else.

Alright – back to my own homework.



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2 responses to “Things are finally sorted…

  1. A book I was listening to recently had the recurring phrase (it was from their scriptures) “Change is the path life takes.”

    Love the shop! The other night after surfing before bed, I dreamed about flying a space shuttle type thing and landing it at Olds, right next to the motorhome, then proceeding calmly into a class of fibre people. 🙂

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