It’s garden day!!!

We have company all weekend – fun company but lots of it. It was a bit of an unexpected party. So, no chicken coop building this weekend but that’s coming. J knows it all needs to be done by May long weekend…

I did get a bit of work done on the shop (favicon anyone?) and am continually amazed at how much I’m learning about web/ecommerce design. Holy TOLEDO! And yep, there’s more to come. I have more stock here to photograph and post as well as a needle felting order and a dye order to go in. I’m going to install a proper site map and search bar, I think – any thoughts on that?

The ads should start 1 May and increase from there. Now that I have some decent stock I want to put money into ads. I do have a bit more stock to get- and have already had some requests which is SUPER COOL (keep them coming). Little Red Bicycle is getting dyed for us (go Didi!). So exciting – we’ve been talking with indie dyers as well as getting indie dye supplies (a big box of cones just arrived with more to come).

I’m pretty happy with the amount of traffic at the shop given that I haven’t finished all of the SEO, have only just registered with Google and have had no ads out. I’ve been googling the shop in different ways to figure out where the google gaps are! Feel free to point any out to me – I’ll keep working on the SEO.

Alright – it’s still sunny but may rain this afternoon. Therefore you lot will have to wait for more info (and pics of the ADORABLE chicks) until later today. I’m getting out to the garden and greenhouse – not necessarily in that order.


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