Dear Sis

Thanks to you I will sleep tonight.  You might be reading this thinking: “huh? what did I do?” (I didn’t make you seem terribly intelligent there, did I? Rest assured gentles, she’s brilliant. She’d just be shocked, that’s all).

Victorian Sipping Custard. You tipped me to it many years ago. Many a night my angry gut has been soothed by the sensation of having something in it without having to work too hard to process it much as the impoverished Victorians passed the night feeling as though they’d eaten but…

Tonight, for goodness knows what unfathomable reason, is one of those nights. Not only that but I was able to pass this wisdom on to a friend with a family member who has recently discovered an angry gut of her own… so thanks.



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3 responses to “Dear Sis

  1. Frazzlehead

    This calls for a recipe.

    I love warm Bird’s custard as comfort food – is this similar/related?

    • It is similar. I cheat though – mine’s not real custard (which would be made with eggs). I usually just do a roux and sweeten/flavour it. I’m going to try it with eggs I think though because, well, it’s not like I’m running out of them.

  2. tamarasheehan

    Tee hee. I’m glad you find it useful! I’m a huge fan of it too. Comfort food of the highest order.

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