Of course, I forgot the important thing

I have been getting so many shop emails I have to switch officially over to flannelberry@gmail.com for the shop email.

I was trying to do it with my personal – thinking it wouldn’t be too busy or too difficult to keep track of but oh no… I have the happy problem of too many coming in to keep on top of them.

I hope to get everything email related switched over on the webpage tonight but if you don’t hear back from me feel free to send another note to nudge me!



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2 responses to “Of course, I forgot the important thing

  1. anna banana

    Sooooo I knew that this BIG ThING you have created would take off!! Good job Colleen! I am going to come for a looksie one day I need some new sock wool, to start knitting myself some socks. If you need another assistant just let me know!!!
    talk to you later

    • Thanks Ann. I am so excited. I’m overwhelmed by emails and requests and orders and LOVING it. I love that I have to switch email addresses.

      Keep ’em coming everyone!

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