Things are always happening

Don’t you just find it amazing? So here’s what’s new – we have more circular Hiyas in stock. They’re very fun. I need to get some dpns as well I think as I’ve had requests for them.

We’re getting ready for the summer dye projects. And Olds. OMG – Olds in one month. I’m not sure how I’m going to SLEEP before then!

We have another fibre order coming – raw fibre as well as processed.

And teas. For those of you who don’t know, we send out little treats with each purchase. I have been sending out tea and have had a couple of requests to buy more. I’m thinking I might add teas and treats for sale as well. I hadn’t really thought of it but…

The other thing I’m thinking about adding would be dye seeds for people to grow their own natural dyes.



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3 responses to “Things are always happening

  1. We harvest tons of tansy here, and it’s used for dye. Just hang it to dry and voila – dye plants!

    If you want us to harvest extra for the shop, just let me know. My kids would think that was a great opportunity, and it’s a noxious weed here that we are obliged to cut down anyhow!

  2. You got it! I actually have a whole stash of it that dried over the winter … I’ll pack it up and bring it to Olds. 🙂 There, you’re already ahead of the game!

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