I’ve had a few people tell me the love the swag I’ve been getting. I’ve got Flannelberry mugs, tshirts, pens etc. I’m thinking those might be nice things to randomly throw in a bag next time people are making purchases… I don’t have them yet but am ordering them right now (I’m multitasking – flipping between windows!).

We’re also getting a new cart learned – one that would allow me to bundle and offer multiple discounts. There are a lot of advantages to it but I have to learn it first. The learning curve with the shop has been massive – I keep telling myself between this and actually fibre arts – I shouldn’t have to worry about cognitive deterioration as I age!

What’s the other news? Hmmm… still haven’t listed the trail socks. Is it because I’m trying to keep them all for myself? (yep, someone asked). I think that is possible. I need to try the wool out and see what it knits like. Yeah, that’s it. I need to trial it. Never mind that I already love it! I will get it loaded – and the Hiyas we have in stock. They’re great to knit with. I have had a few people get hooked on them. I’m trying to decide about carrying other types of needles – the KA rep is so super nice and I like KAs but the Hiyas are the perfect mix of lovely to knit with and affordable. I”m going to break into one of the interchangeable sets to trial those next.

The other thing people have been curious about is – what’s on my needles. Well, that seems like a very appropriate thing to be chatting about here. Right now I have a pair of socks – toe up, ML in Trail Socks (I’m just trying to figure out what colour – that’s my only complaint about Handmaiden/Fleece Artist- colours are not on the label!). I think it’s Forest Fairie -it’s a gorgeous colour to be sure, I’m just not totally sure which gorgeous one! Anyway, that’s planned.

I also have a random shawl – circular with increases when I feel like YO-ing – in progress. It’s my mindless work, one I don’t need to give too much concentration too.

And yes, one of these days I’ll get some photos up. I have the camera, it’s got room on the memory card and I have the cable (my Mac doesn’t have a card reader). So, I should be able to get something going photo-wise!



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  1. tamarasheehan

    “Hmmm… still haven’t listed the trail socks. Is it because I’m trying to keep them all for myself? (yep, someone asked). I think that is possible”

    I love that you’re honest about it!

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