Sorry for the lack of update…

Both of my jobs and all of my life have been going CRAZY over the past few weeks.

For those of you who don’t know it’s Olds coming right up so I’m getting ready for that. I made a personal commitment not to get stressed about anything over the last couple of weeks (I had a health hiccup I’ve been dealing with but I’m better now). I was just getting emails replied to and orders out and if that’s all that happened then I was fine with that. Of course, that’s never really all that happens and now I have a big backlog of inventory to add/update on the site! But, I have a solution and here it is:

As I have to work at the day job today, I won’t be able to do it before I go which is ok because it’s not like I can ship things when I’m a whole province away so… I’m going to go to Olds and chill. Anyone who wants to order during that time will have a delay but that’s ok because I’ll offer you the choice of a discount or extra goodies (you can let me know which) as a thank you for waiting until I’m home.

And, when I get home I’m going to get everything on the site and have a big “I’m back from Olds” sale. Why not? It’s summer now and life is good.

For those of you who have contacted me about dyes – my order is on hold so let me know if there are specific colours you’d like added, it’s no trouble to add them onto the order.

And finally the Little Red Bicycle Yarn should be here if not today then when I get back. It promises to be amazing! I’ll update you on that soon.

And finally really this time – some of you have asked if I’m going to be a vendor at Olds. I’m not. I’m going to just go and have fun and take classes (but I’m taking some stuff with me just in case someone has say a tussah noils emergency).

I believe there are still some classes with room- I hope I’ll meet you there!


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