Day 1

I am so tired. I cannot believe I have 6 more days. What was I thinking? Oh well, it’s so worth it.

So today was felted boot making with Tracy Kuffner. While the felt making has been fun and inspirational, Tracy has been a great teacher and down right hilarious. So the class has been educational and a riot. It’s a great group as well – which is nice when you spend two days together. I have been taking meticulous notes and the odd photo to increase the odds of replicating the process. Although I have felt making experience, I’m once again reminded of the value in taking a class from someone so knowledgable. The little tidbits she offers just as part of the instruction are so valuable and the kinds of things that are never in books. They’re always a “your mileage may vary” sort of thing because they’re the result of the person’s experience. To someone who has largely learned out of books, they’re in valuable. Even if my experience differs, I know to watch for certain things or be mindful of others. It’samazingly useful.

Well, that’s it for me. Lonna and I are so tired – both from the late night and the early morning and the class – I predict a very early bed with deep sleep had by all.


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