I feel like I’m in another world

Nothing is quite real here. It’s an odd cross between summer camp and finals week in University.

We get up each morning, exhausted, eat breakfast, make sure the homework required from the day before is done, maybe knit or spin a bit (today it was spinning on my funky drop spindle  – J – I see a market for your whittling here). We all go to class early the continuing classes more than the one day one and start the work we didn’t get done. We break for lunch late, check emails etc. snarf down something quick ( a couple of hunks of cheese and a bunch of carrots today) and head back. Class gets out usually about half an hour late although some are staying later. There’s homework and evening events.

I was walking over to the camper and realized it’s about 11 hrs per day of fibre – most of that is structured in class time or homework. That’s a bit freaky when you think about it. Um, and cool. When I think about it logically I should not be happy but I am.


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One response to “I feel like I’m in another world

  1. tamarasheehan

    Congratulations for making it to the class this year! I’m glad you got the time and the opportunity to go at last!

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