Andean plying on a drop

Well, after a very long drive I made it home late last night/early this morning. It is so nice to be home! Of course, after hanging with the boys, surveying the damage to the garden (yikes!) and necessary errands, I actually fell asleep. It’s all but unheard of to have me sleep in the day; usually, even when I want to, I can’t. Today, waking up was the hard part!

Now, LG and I are chilling, watching Return of the King while I was working on my spindling. I do suck at the drop spindle – it’s not just something I’m saying so others will compliment me. Of course, never one to let the fact that I’m not proficient get the better of me, I spun a bunch of this cute, superfine painted merino I have and decided to see if I could Andean Ply on the drop. Well… yes and no. I have a couple of weak spots but literally only a couple. It looked like a big candy when I was done, I thought.

Not the greatest photo. The yarn should be fun for a kids winter hat though. It’s deliciously soft and just gorgeous.

The course was amazing. I’d considered challenging it but am so very glad I didn’t. First of all, I don’t spin anywhere near as well as I would like. Some of that is just mileage but some is also going to be helped by having a Master spinner and 11 other spinners with me all day, every day working on my techniques. If Ruth didn’t have a tip or trick usually someone else would. That was the best part, I think.

I will definitely be doing level 2 although I can see my spinning needs a lot of work to make that jump. Oh, how sad. I’ll have to practice more.

But for tonight, enough spinning. I think I shall cast on the toes of a sock.



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3 responses to “Andean plying on a drop

  1. I hear you about the garden. Yikes, what garden – mine’s a weeeeed patch!

  2. jen

    i think you suck at the drop spindle about as much as i thought i sucked at the drop spindle. 🙂 i love the yarn you make.

  3. jen

    uhh… i mean as much as i turned out to suck at the drop spindle. because i thought i sucked, but it turned out i didn’t. ugh. and i call myself a finagler of words.

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