Alright… nearly recovered from Olds

Alright – now that I’m mostly recovered, there is so much to do with the store.

First – everything is decreased in price. If you find something that hasn’t dropped please let me know. I’ve tried to get every price at least a dollar down. We should be cheaper than everywhere else – and the rural discount still applies. As does free shipping on any order over $75.

Second – We’ve got a bunch of new stock  I’m currently inventorying (is that a real word?). We have GORGEOUS sock (and not just for socks) yarn from Little Red Bicycle. We’re the first and only in Canada to have the privilege of carrying this yarn.  It’s doubly special for me because it’s both indie dyed and amazingly well dyed. The colours are so rich and saturated I can’t believe it. And the yarn FEELS SO YUMMY! Don’t be a fool – get some of this before it gets all sold and I have to get Didi to order some more.

Third – we have raw fibre. Oh my goodness, my poor family. I dragged back what, seven (or was it eight) fleeces from Olds. I haven’t decided what I will be selling and what I’ll be keeping for me. But, I will have raw fibre for sale and the connections I made at Olds mean that’s not going to be ending any time soon. Some of that raw fibre is likely going to include Alberta Cashmere – Canadian cashmere people! How cool is that? We’re on the list to get some of the processed stuff – I’m hoping we’ll get raw as well. You have got to feel the Canadian stuff – it’s amazing!

We also have raw alpaca in spectacular colours and ratings. I’ll get that listed asap but if you can’t wait – please let me know.

Fourth – it turns out we’re all about special orders. I have done a tonne of special orders so please don’t hesitate to contact me about them.

Fifth – we’re going to get FOs (those are finished objects) up on the site. I have been knitting socks with all sorts of different yarns. I have another pair just started in Fleece Artist holy moly, they’re great. I’m doing Cat Bordhi’s toe up – love them! Of course I’m using my beloved Hiyas.

I think that’s all of the updates for now. I need to get the Little Red Bicycle yarn up on the site.



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4 responses to “Alright… nearly recovered from Olds

  1. anna banana

    I would like some of that little red bicycle yarn sight unseen, just enough to knit myself some socks!! Don’t care about the colour too much anything you might have. I will go to your website and see if you have put it up yet.

  2. I made felted mittens today! I used a resist, like we learned in class, and made mitts from Braetha’s wool (which is actually the fleece I found that I thought was Silfra’s – it was dark, what can I say?). They have bits of grass embedded in them but I’m calling it a design feature – I used the wool right out of the shearing bag. Found bamboo placemats at the local Save On for $2 for 2 – miniature versions of the blinds we used in class. Totally cool. Might dye them – haven’t decided yet. They are drying on the kitchen table as I type. Won’t post pics though … they’re a Christmas present! 😉

  3. Tam

    Ooh, Canadian cashmere. Man o man. I’d like to dive into a pile of that…

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