Are you ready for fall?

I don’t know about where you are, but here, it’s arrived. It’s early but glorious, really. We’re baking and canning and, most importantly, playing with fibre. I have a Haruni cast on (in Malabrigo sock) to my lovely interchangable Hiyas, some lovely random wool on the mosquito (my drop spindle) and my wheel (as do the socks and hats I want to knit) beckons. Not yet! Not until the produce is canned and the next orders have shipped.
Oh – and not until the fall sale is ready! Yep, we’re having a big sale to celebrate the early arrival of fall and the end of fire season.

Watch for it!



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2 responses to “Are you ready for fall?

  1. It’s the end of outside grass fire season, and the onset of chimney fire season! Clean your chimney before you get all your winter wool out … don’t wanna get soot on it … and then you can spin and knit by the fire in safety!

  2. Hey you! What a great and wise reminder. Get your chimneys cleaned people!!!!

    We had a chimney fire a few years ago (in spite of regular cleaning). Now we have excessive (nearly monthly) cleaning.

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