I’m getting things done…

Organization appears to be happening in spite of life. The section of the house that has been commandeered for the shop has been slightly more organized. The cold room and all of the goodies housed in it are getting tidied, the canning is getting done, the chicken coop is done and the webpage has finally been updated. Wow – must be fall.


There are still a few things – like my page of Jacquard dyes (we do have them in stock, don’t worry!), some hand made drop spindles from a lovely 15 year old homeschooler and some Fleece Artist yarn I haven’t posted (perhaps because I wish it was mine all mine?).


I’d like to carry a broader range of spindles so if you have suggestions or know any spindle makers, please pass my name onto her/him or vice versa. Having just received my first Golding in the mail, I’m all about the drop spindles right now!


I have had a few requests to know what I have cast on. Right now I’ve got a Candleflame Scarf, free pattern courtesy of the lovely Firebrunette. I found the pattern on Ravelry (of course) and cast on Malabrigo Worsted in Tortuga. The variations in the grey (from nearly white to purple-ish) are just the thing for this pattern. The slight colour shifts mean the pattern is displayed to full effect.  I’m using Hiya circs for this. It’s not a huge scarf, I just like knitting with them. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and (surprisingly) have not been using my beloved KAs at all. I really am a fickle creature.


I’ve also got a shawl I’m inventing cast on. It’s in Malabrigo sock but it may have to become socks. I’m not loving the shawl. I think I’ve made the mental shift to heavier yarns and it just feels too light.


Well, my young man is up and requesting an in bed snuggle. Who can resist that?



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2 responses to “I’m getting things done…

  1. I’m at work and this was the easiest way to send you the link to the story of my new wheel … sorry for the comment hijack!

    So, a friend saw this wheel at auction and when nobody was bidding, he thought “hey, bet I know someone who’d like that … and if not, I know a place that’d take it for a decoration”. I can only assume he didn’t pay much for it given that was his thinking on the matter…. so wow, I got a total treasure *as a gift*!

    Part one: http://blog.applejackcreek.com/2010/10/truly-fabulous-day-blessings-of-friends.html

    And the next more recent post is part 2 – with pictures of the wheel post-cleanup.

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