It’s here!

I am so excited. I have no idea if I have told you this but.. I love the drop spindle. I love it. It is a new love for me – one I only learned after learning to draft properly on my wheel. However, once I learned I was completely hooked. I’m frequently asked why, what’s so great about the drop spindle.


Well, say I, the drop is just more my speed. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Joy, I really do. She is, well, a joy to spin on and I can make all sorts of yarn on her but the drop spindle…well.

So here’s the thing. I like to do things where ever I go. I like portability. Going hiking, camping, to a movie, to work? Yep, I take a drop spindle with me to each one of those places (in fact, in my filing cabinet at my not-Flannelberry job, I have a dedicated fibre drawer with some merino/silk blend and a heavy drop spindle my friend’s son made). My Joy is portable but I think that might be more than I can ask of her…


So, what’s here you ask? Well… when I was at Olds for Fibre Week, I finally got to meet Yukon Violet in person. Not only is she a fantabulous crocheter, she is an even more amazing spinner. I think she knew I was leaning in the drop spindle direction and gave a slight shove. Over I tumbled into the world of hard core drop spindle addiction. I bought three spindles before leaving Olds (two drop, one supported). The best part is, after Olds I used them all of the time. I used them so much my wheel, my beloved Joy began to get dusty. And then I remembered a promise I once made myself. Once I could use a drop spindle well, I would get a Golding. Since I promised myself, I kind of had to do it (didn’t I?). Well, after searching and searching and mulling and mulling I finally settled on this beauty:


And yes, I love her. She’s fun to spin and looks as gorgeous as you might imagine. Next I hope to get this one:


Or this one:

This one:

wouldn’t hurt my feelings either. And yes, they’re all from Tom Golding. I love his spindles and hope one day to carry them. For now, he sells from his own site and I strongly encourage you, if you love spindles or fine craftsmanship, check his stuff out.


But, it’s not the arrival of my spindle I’m heralding (although it was WONDERFUL to get it). As well as getting me well and truly addicted to the drop spindle, YukonViolet (Rachel, irl) kept talking about Abby, her videos, her genius with batts and her book. Well what arrived today and I’ve hardly been able to put down is Respect the Spindle, by Abby Franquemont (The Abby). Again, if you have any inclination to the spindle, the cover alone will get you:

As soon as you open the book, however, the combination of useful information, gorgeous images and personal anecdotes keep you. I’m only to about pg 90 and can only put it down long enough to package up the orders shipping out tonight, update the shop (hemp spinning fibre is in stock people!) and write this. I’ve already got tea made. Once I’m done with the computer I plan to curl up and continue to enjoy. Perhaps I’ll even post a more comprehensive review even but for now let me say this: it’s a great read, it’s about time someone modernized the information about the drop spindle and you should really get it. It’s available directly from Interweave or from

Good night.



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3 responses to “It’s here!

  1. I so lied – I was on about pg 30 actually. There’s just so much to the book. I have to confess… my sleep fogged brain forced me to abandon it during my bedtime reading. She was taking about the physics of spinning which took my right back to uni but was too much to digest. This morning, however, it made for a great read over tea.

  2. Oooh that’s so cool! I love the drop spindles, I love that you keep TheBoy’s in your desk (!) and I, too, really enjoy spindling, though I don’t do it very often (I tend to do portable knitting instead – especially socks now that I’ve gotten myself addicted!). There are some things I can do on the spindle I can’t do on the wheel.

    As for speed, somewhere I read that they had spinners time themselves on wheel and drop spindle & compare productivity – the difference was much less than most expected it to be. I’d love to see your results!

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