Have you ever considering mentoring someone? You’d be surprised that others may see you as a perfect mentor. I recently surprised someone I’ve known for years when I put her name forward to be my mentor.


Brandy Dyer – Graphic Designer and amazing artist – is a woman of strength and amazing… I don’t even know what. If there’s a word that encapsulates the way of being a dedicated mother, amazing artist, successful business woman, able to ride the crest of life and come out of it with a moving forward outlook, that’s a word that would sum her up. She didn’t know I thought all of these things until recently – some of them likely not until she reads this post.
When I decided to make Flannelberry more of a priority because I realized I was really loving it, way more than I even expected to, I started looking into ways to make it work better. Although business is a fairly alien area to me research isn’t. The more I researched the more I realized I needed a mentor who could show me a bit of the ropes.


Through the Women’s Enterprise Centre I joined a mentorship programme for women who were new to business. It quickly became clear that as much as they wanted to be helpful, their ability to help me find a mentor in the Kootenays was limited. No matter, I told them, I already know who I’d like to have as my mentor. So, they approached Brandy and she (thankfully!) said yes.


So, this woman who have long admired is now a resource for me. She is willing to share the knowledge she’s gleaned over ten+ years of running her own business in the same rural town as me – while raising kids, dealing with the early, tragic and unexpected death of her husband and looking like it’s no problem.


The purpose of this post – be awesome and become a mentor. There’s quite likely someone out there who can benefit from your knowledge – whether it’s business or something else. I’m very gratefully Brandy was willing to say yes; I’ve already learned so much from her.





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5 responses to “Mentorship

  1. You are too sweet. I am so happy you chose ME and I am looking forward to a new friendship out of this. I absolutely love your ideas so I know we’re gonna have lots of fun.

  2. Tam

    I’m glad you’ve got a mentor! It’s great that you got to have a hand in picking the person, too.

    I’m so lucky to be mentoring under a brilliant librarian. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

  3. Casey

    Even the mentor needs a mentor sometimes. =)

  4. We’re so happy to have facilitated a mentoring relationship between two amazing entrepreneurs. It’s wonderful to see the respect you hold for your mentor.

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