Today, I dyed.

It was amazing. We used indigo, madder, walnut and marigold. I did test skeins for my Master Spinner programme so there’s not a lot to see. Karen’s however, will be spectacular. As she loves photography, I’m hoping for some great pics.


The colours were fantastic. As usual, slightly unpredictable. The metallic greeny-yellow of the alum mordanted marigolds always weirds me out. It just does not look like a colour that could exist in nature and yet… I can get it easily. I’m also always amazed at how the alum alters the colours which generally leads to me wondering who on earth came up with the idea of mordanting?

One lesson learned-  we won’t put dye day off next year. It was SO COLD. Dyeing with natural dyes – for those who don’t do that sort of thing – is best done out of doors due to the fumes (mostly stink related). So, we used Karen’s huge double garage, our Coleman camp stoves etc. (nope, we don’t have a dedicated dye kitchen – but we do have dedicated supplies) and froze our fingers off. Seriously – we’re both feeling pretty motivated to do something in May next year rather than waiting for the snow….Cold water, outside, not a brilliant combination.

In other exciting news – shop news I mean – I am going to be carrying a new line. It’s even more exciting given how I just spent the last three days. Flannelberry Fibre will be offering Earthues products.

I absolutely love their stuff and am thrilled to put in the first order. Now is a good time, a great time really, if you have specific requests from this company, by the way. Send me an email and let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to see in stock.

I know a lot of you are bemoaning the snow and the change of seasons (to winter – you don’t bemoan when we change the other way…) so I’ll leave you with a dose of spring to look forward to. Our garden (where more and more dye plants are being grown, I might add).


Good night all.



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