More lesson learned

These ones are about patience. I realize that I often had “time management” as something that needed improvement on my report cars in school. What’s interesting is that I suspect I would still have the same grade and it’s not that I can’t manage my time, it’s that there isn’t enough of it!


Today’s post is brought to you by a great example. I have holiday fibre projects to complete. A few of them. One that is very important is half done. I lied, it’s a third done but the second half is a huge repeat and those do tend to cruise faster for me so it’s like a half done thing at this point (this inner working of my mind might be TMI – sorry). Anyway, I have that to do. I have another project to start that I want to do. Ok, I lied again -there are two weaving projects I really, really want to get done to give as gifts. If I can’t, I can’t. It’s no biggie but I really want that. So, there are those things to do. There are other little projects but two really important ones that I really need to do.


There is my family, my obsession with making homemade food (like bread, yum). When I think about family values, that’s one of mine. We eat healthy, whole food together. It’s a good thing and not something I will give up but it does eat up the time. If I could just pop a package in the microwave, well… easy peasy. But I can’t and I won’t.


And I have a young man who is a perfect age to be interested in things and wanting to do them. And we supporting him not just by signing him up but also by being there with him. Wonderful and something that will be short lived, it won’t be long before he doesn’t want us around. But he does now, so we enjoy it. And it takes up a lot of time.


I also have a job. A regular job outside of running my wonderful shop. It is a job though, full time (although I’m always saying that’s going to change).


The shop. I love the shop and won’t be getting rid of the shop. It’s way too fun. It is a lot of work. I have stock coming in and orders going out all of the time. While that’s fun, it also requires inventorying, listing etc. And, because the shop is busy enough to keep my on my toes but not quite busy enough for me to hire people to do much (except what I can’t), there is a HUGE learning curve. The amount I actually do is so cool because of the new learning. It’s like this whole other world and if nothing else, it’s dementia prevention so really, that’s a bonus.

But that really is the rub. We had a new shopping cart and new page underway and it still is (had makes it sound like I gave up). I had hoped to have everything up for a great winter sale and it’s just not going to be. In reality, I’ll probably get all of my parts done over the holidays when things have settled a bit. At first I was so frustrated and then I realize, “what’s the rush?” Seriously. I can’t expect everything to be rolled out perfectly in the first year. I put way too much pressure on myself. So, I’m taking that off. I’m not going to have it done this week. I may not even have it done this month (although I’d really like to). The fact is this new cart is more complex and while the designer has been mucho patient with me, there is a lot to learn and I lot I have to do to get it rolling. So, I’m going to (once again) remind myself to be patient and just roll with it.


I am excited – I’ve got the bra strap test incorporated, it’s going to show off the wonderful colours off all of these spectacular yarns and allow me to sell bundles at a discount and all sorts of things. But, it’s taking time and that’s going to be ok too.


I do want to put it out there that if you have some fibre scraps of something I’ve sent you left over and you’d like to do a bra strap test rating or write up, let me know. Allowing with using the product descriptions the companies put out about their products, we’re hoping to have more and more descriptions from you (and me too). After all, we’re the ones using this stuff – we know how it feels and how it is to work, it seems sensible to have us writing the reviews. I’m trying to think of incentives for people who do that. Treats? Discounts? Links to your site? Let me know what you think.


See you soon. I’m going back to my knitting and working on this lesson I keep having to learn over and over –  my practice of being patient!


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