Well, 2010 draws to a close

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post – it’s the holidays and blogging didn’t seem to take a priority <g>. I hope you’re all well and have had a great 2010. It’s been a good year for me – highs and lows, of course but the highs have been really great. I felt like, in spite of some of the lows, I got to live a lot of my dreams. Immersion in fibre (by way of the shop, going to Olds, etc.) has definitely been one of those dreams. I’ve been glad for everything I have (sometimes painstakingly) learned, for the people I have met (both customers and suppliers, as well as teachers) and the things I have created. Some of you know that I was an amateur writer prior to the fibre obsession. I still think of the stories I would like to write, the ones that are in my head, the characters that demand their air time, that’s not gone but I just can’t do it anymore. I worried for a long time that I would feel a sense of loss, when I gave up my writing time for fibre (and it really was giving up. Anyone who thinks I have the time or energy for both doesn’t live my life!). I’ve noticed, thought, I feel a real sense of peace when I sit down to weave, knit, spin, crochet (alright, that last one is a lie. I used to feel peace when I crocheted but now it stresses me out because I can’t remember how to do it properly!). I suppose the creative process in me is satisfied as long as I’m doing something. And I wonder how much of the anxiety I feel about giving up writing had to do with letting go of a piece of my identity that had been there since I was about 9 (omg – LG’s age. How freaky!).


I guess that’s my biggest lesson from 2010. I can be who I am, it just doesn’t have to be who I’ve always been.


Thanks all. And happy New Year.



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2 responses to “Well, 2010 draws to a close

  1. I love who you are.

    Keep being her. And whoever she turns into.


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