I haven’t forgotten you

Don’t worry Dear Readers. It’s not that I’ve forgotten you or the blog. I’m finding the amount of homework for the Master Spinner course as well as all of the site upgrades (not to mention my life away from the world of Flannelberry -like family, day job, etc.) has absorbed my attention fully.

We’ve had a huge order from Ashford (which excites me – doesn’t it all though, really?). In that order we have maintenance kits for your wheel, bits and bobs for RH weaving and lots of fibre in gorgeous colours. I’m getting it all into the new inventory system (a lot of work but SO worth it).


Earthues order is up next. I can’t decide want to order… I want all of it! But there are these pesky things called budgets that keep that from being my reality. If you have requests, now is the time to get them in.


It’s raining here and sleepy. I’ve had insomnia (ok, likely poor-choice-to-have-copious-amounts-of-caffeine-in-the-evening induced insomnia) so I’m exhausted. I’m going to finish spinning up my Border Leicester:

in worsted although the twist is doing some funky things when I try to ply so maybe I should just get my woollen done too and ply them both tomorrow. Oh thank goodness I have extra bobbins! Sorry, tangent. As I was saying, maybe I should finish up this breed and head to bed.


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One response to “I haven’t forgotten you

  1. Tam

    A much belated congratulations on the Master Spinner class! And I hope you get a little bit of sleep (at least!) very soon!

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