Busy, busy and a bit about selfishness

My goodness I am tired. I am up way too late tonight updating the shop (slowly – that’s always slower than I’d like) and ordering. Another Hiya order has gone in and an Earthues order is getting organized.

I’m definitely enjoying the emails and notes you are all sending – it is so exciting to hear from you, see pictures of your animals and what you’re working on. That’s what makes these late nights worth it.

One question I’ve been getting a lot is whether Flannelberry will have a presence at any of the fibre arts shows/events. Well, the truth is, I’m a pretty selfish girl so probably not :).  When I’m somewhere like Olds I’m there to learn. Sure, it helps me provide a better service but really, I just want to immerse myself in spinning all day everyday. Oh and yes, for the questions and discussions on Ravelry, I am doing the Master Spinner Programme. I love it. It’s hard and more homework than I would have expected but I do love it and will be going back for more this summer.

The other reason you’re unlikely to see me with a booth at a fibre event is that I have a day job and a family and I have to prioritize them. The family stuff goes without saying to most of you I’m sure but the day job is really important as well. It keeps a roof over our heads and lets me keep buying more and more stock for the shop without worrying about whether we’ll have a roof over our heads! Who knows, maybe the shop will be truly self sustaining in the next little while and I’ll be able to go to all of the fibre events (that would so NOT hurt my feelings) but for now, it’s just not in the cards.

The other goal of the shop is to have it in its own building in our meadow along with a fibre flock. So, I have to save up for that day as well.

I hope that answers the questions people have been asking. And I hope you’ll all ask more.

Now, I’ve got some orders to package up.



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