A new partnership

Well, I was going to post something about the difference between Canadian fibres and our bigger production lines but that’s gone from my head. We have a big, huge announcement.
We’re partnering with Apple Jack Creek’s Wheelwright Services. I know – it’s a Ravelry group but she doesn’t have anything about the wheels up on her own blog yet. Not only is this wonderful wheelwright buying old wheels to restore them and sell them, she’s also offering restoration and “to a good home” services.


She stumbled on this new addiction hobby quite by accident. A friend bought her a CPW at auction, I think. She restored the wheel (Jacqueline) and went onto acquire an adorable Lithuanian Valerija. She’s since gone on to acquire wheels on behalf of a few of her friends (ask me how I know). She’s taken with restoring them as much as acquiring them. Time spent researching and restoring is time well spent with her.


For right now, if you want to know about her services – either finding wheels, restoring or selling the ones she has you can contact her directly. Once she has the wheels restored and ready for resale, we will be listing them on the site.



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3 responses to “A new partnership

  1. I *love* the old wheels! Lots of them just need a bit of patient tinkering to get them back to working order, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of placing your foot on the treadle where generations of spinners have been before and making yarn.
    So yes … the Apple Jack Creek Home for Aged Spinning Wheels is now up and running!

  2. You really need a sign that says that for your workshop.

  3. …and the first graduate of our wheel recovery program is ready to go to her new home!


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