Hey WP, give me back my post.

I had written this awesome post – and checked that it was up – and then it wasn’t.


Well, in a nutshell:


Had a crisis, well very mini crisis, over school and a degree I loved but didn’t finish. Spent WAY too much time surfing programmes and scheming about doing it, or even just taking one class to see if I really wanted to go back, if I was just romanticizing the whole thing and if I was over my post MSW stress disorder.


Had to finish unpacking a bale of fibre bigger than myself (no joke there, I made my beloved Choreboy carry it in for me – well, not made so much as asked nicely) and getting orders sorted to go out. Found myself immersed, quite literally, in fibrey goodness and realized I love my life just as it is. Will I call tomorrow to see if my programme will let me take just one class. Probably but it’s just the way I am.

I also left you with some eye candy


That’s Seamus – he’s being cared for by my wonderful, wheel restoring, frazzleheaded friend. But soon, goodness I hope so, I’ll get him.

After the eye candy I told you I’m heading off for some spinning just for fun. La!


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One response to “Hey WP, give me back my post.

  1. A whole bale of fibre, eh? Cool!

    Since it’s warming up here, and you may not see Seamus until Olds … would you like me to strip off the rest of his paint and stain him so he looks all hansome for his debut at summer camp? Just let me know! I have other finish removal to do, so he can join the party if you like.

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