But what about the strike…

So, the latest excuse for procrastinating is the strike. But really, it’s not procrastination. My thinking was: why have a sale only to have it that some people can’t get their stuff? Or have people want to buy but worry they won’t get their stuff? I say some not because the strike is currently rotating (I can’t take a chance that something will get stuck somewhere) but because for most of our customers, we can use the bus.

So, yes, please do order things even if Canada Post is out. We can get it to you. If you’re really rural, so rural there’s no Greyhound depot, contact me before you finalize your order and we’ll make sure there’s a way to get it to you. Maybe we should have the sale anyway… I’ll think about that. It seems a shame to wait, doesn’t it? My hope was June 1… Hmmm…

Before I sign off – check these out:

I’ve gotten back to my yoga practice in a big way and have to make some. I have some Lorna’s that would be good but I think some of the sock yarn options from Handmaiden and Fleece Artist might even be better.


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