Fibre week

So Olds. Mind blowing, as always. There are a lot of thoughts about it but they’re a jumble right now. That could have something to do with most of a day of class and then driving all of the way home only to hit the fireworks which meant bed well after midnight. Today was restock the house day, tomorrow I pick J up from his adventures. Maybe my thoughts will be coherent by Monday?


Here’s the summary though. Mind blowing. I said that right? It deserves saying again. It was. It was a whirlwind more than last year so next year I hope it will work to have a class before the week of Master Spinner just to ease into things. I spent waaayyy too much time up late visiting (right Lonna?!). I didn’t come home well rested but I did come home happy!


I also came home with Canadian cashmere for the shop. It’s raw and will be sold ‘as is’. It was hand picked for me by the President of the Canadian Cashmere Association so it ought to be good. Because it’s not cheap, I’ll sell it in little amounts but those amounts are not yet figured in my head. I also came home with a really nice llama (coat, not the creature, don’t worry J) but that’s mine all mine.

I’ll leave you with a picture that sums the week up for me and get back to spinning. Now that I know everything I’m doing wrong, I’m determined to do it right. Tender yarn, you are my NEMESIS!



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