Oh noes!

I know you think I don’t ever post but I do, really. WordPress, however, often has error messages after I hit “publish” and there’s no going back when that happens. It’s discouraging. If you have any suggestions (like for a new host option), please let me know.

So tonight the update was:

– site upgrades continue. There were some huge compatibility issues so there will have to be some huge changes. They’re all behind the scenes right now but soon (fingers crossed) that will be changing. For now, you can use the online cart or you can email me your orders. I actually prefer the emailed orders because I love to hear from you. I love the conversations I get to have and getting to know people. So please, feel free to keep the emailed orders, requests and questions coming.

I am switching bags for the loose fibre (ie spinning fibre). I was using ‘plastic’ made out of corn but just learned about all of the woes associated with them so I have switched to ziploc-style (they might even be the name brand ones) baggies. I’d like to know what you think about it. I like the idea of reusable – especially if the corn ones aren’t really environmental…

We have been looking for a place to do a regular donation. I had been looking into Birth Centres in South and Central America. With everything going on in Africa and the fact that our local refugee committee has sponsored two families to come here (if they can get out of the camps), I think that might be better use of the funds.

And something delicious from Olds – this doesn’t inspire you, what will?

Yes, that is a felted tree hat. Seriously cool.


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One response to “Oh noes!

  1. 1. I just checked out your shop site. It is so made of win. I haven’t tried shopping yet, but I will soon. Not that I need more fibre…
    2. i loved that hat. It was so awesome.
    and 3. I hate to do the “hey check out my blog” thing, but you might like what you see 😉 (even though I’ve only got 1 follower atm.. :/) spinheartspin.blogspot.com

    p.s. I like blogspot. seems to work fine and have yet to have any error messages that kill my posts. But I’m still a newb at the blog thing, so there’s still time.

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