It’s already August?

Why didn’t someone tell me. Alright, if course I did know but it’s been so busy (with a mix of work and play). I’ve never had so many orders in the summer…erm.. of course I have only been open for one summer prior so I guess that’s not a huge measure but still, it’s exciting. I love shipping out the orders and love how many of you are telling me what you’re going to make or emailing pics later. Don’t forget we have a Ravelry group for you to show off your WIPS and FOs.


My current WIP is some on the loom – but it’s an experiment that hasn’t gone exactly as planned. Originally I was thinking of making a brightly coloured rug. I warped 3/2 Cotton-Linen blend (for strength) and warped the 7.5 dpi heddle (I’m using an Ashford RH). Well, it’s WAY too spaced and the colours – between the spacing and the pale warp – are way too muted. Very frustrating but let this be a reminder to you – it’s not wasted. First, I learned something. Not just about about colour blending (which I should know by now, I guess) but also about the importance of proper spacing. I also used  new warp method – that I’ll tell you about once I’ve done a few more times, realized how much I like warping cotton/linen – I usually am all wool all of the time, and am going to further experiment with this project. I might full it to see what happens to the weft… oh, did I mention the weft is singles wool? It’s a use up your stash kind of project so I’m using up bits of singles.


Here are some warping pics:


I know – that one right above looks wrong doesn’t it, like the ends are too floppy? It wasn’t and it worked as well or better than any other warping method I’ve tried. More on that once the experiments give me more data!


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