Processing flax

We were talking about processing flax on FB but I realized it was on private pages so I didn’t get to share the info with all of you. I’m thinking about growing flax next year – I’m so curious about it and about linsey woolsey which seems to be a very practical sort of fabric and one I’d like to make on my loom. I think a rigid heddle would best approximate primitive weaving and one day I’ll have sheep again so if I learn to grow flax and have sheep, I could grow my own fabric altogether. But I digress.


Our discussion was about flax because of this article.

So from there it went into the “how to”… so let me share that with you (via allfibrearts– when I actually do it myself, I’ll post pics).

And here is a vid from you tube…


If you decide to grow and rett your own, let us know. We’d love to link to your blog or post your story of it.





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4 responses to “Processing flax

  1. Carla

    Growing and retting my own flax is definitely on my to-do list. I had been hunting flax fibres to spin well over a year ago, and was a bit crushed that I wasn’t turning up much, and even more depressed that what I was finding wasn’t Canadian at all.

    Turns out that while Canada actually grows the most flax of any nation, we grow for oil-seed, and discard the fibre. I am under the impression that the fine Belgian and France flax plants are a strain that have a straighter, less branched stalk, which makes for longer continuous fibres. Whereas, the Canadian strains are more branched, and have been selected for higher seed and oil yields.

    Right now, I have my seeds, so I could do a small test plot next spring. BUT what I have is a wild-type flax seed, sold as an ornamental flower. So I don’t expect three foot continuous strands of linen out of this particular seed line.

    We’ll see if I get around to the actual experiment next year.

    • Me too! There was a local farmer here who grew flax as a seed crop. I tried to get him to grow fibre flax but no go.

      I do have a friend with 10 acres of field – I’m trying to convince her to grow fibre flax…

  2. I have a friend who has been processing flax. Here’s one of her blog posts on the subject:

  3. Oddly, WordPress brought me back to this post today (dunno why). But I do have new info. I have line flax seeds now! I bought them when I was buying some dye-plant seeds and the like.

    If you haven’t already sourced out some of your own, I’d be more than willing to share with you. :). If I am lucky, I will have a test plot next spring.

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