Two big things because of one big thing…

So this has been an exciting week for me. First, at the start of the week, my wonderful doc told me that the x-rays look good and that I’m definitely healing. On to phase two where I see Joanne – the wonderful physio. She made my fingers moved – even th0ugh they were really reluctant and I was worried about what would come of it later. What did come of it is that I’m not wearing the splint right now and no, they’re not magically supple and strong but they are helping typing this in something that approached my normal fashion. And they have knit. And woven. Just this week. And tonight I managed a decent yarn on my new Turkish spindle (no, not in stock but I’m working on them). My mood went from 0- 60 as soon as I could really manipulate fibre and type (my poor family, how they’ve suffered). Thanks Joanne – I am SO grateful to know you and for more than just your physio skills.


Two fingers – it shouldn’t have been such a big deal but holy macaroni, it was (is- don’t worry Joanne, I’m not overdoing it!).


So, here are the two things (’cause the right hand is just about done)… a give away and a sale. I have to get the site updated to accommodate the sale and get some pics of the give away up but I think I will be able to do that tomorrow.


For now, I’m off to give my healing hand another massage with lovely lotion. And then I’m going to knit for a while while I figure just how big I can make this sale…



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5 responses to “Two big things because of one big thing…

  1. You’re truly welcome. How great is being able to do my job/passion while talking about the importance of fibre! Thanks to you too!

  2. Anyone who gets to spend time with you would instantly know what a passion it is for you to be able to help people. And talking about fibre was an added bonus! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Yes, I’m yelling! YAY! YAY!

    And blessings to Joanne. She sounds to me like a person with a magical touch – and I mean that in the most complimentary fashion possible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Joanne has the gift – to be sure! I’ve finished one weaving project and am warping to start another right now.

    I’m yelling too Frazzle! I never had realized how much I take my little hands for granted.

  5. I still have no idea what happened to your fingers, but I’m glad you can use them (if only a bit) again! Having been down and out from a c-section (can’t treadle a wheel for weeks after you’ve been cut through the middle) I understand how you’ve been feeling (and know what your poor family has had to suffer too.)
    More happy healing vibes your way, to ensure you regain 100% function in your hands!

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