The draw!

So, we did the draw first thing this morning as my official drawer has a field trip today and I have to go and work in another community and won’t see him tonight.


So, here is the drawing:


The reading:


I was completely surprised when the first name pulled… I have to confess I thought that the fact that some people entered so many times would ensure they won but alas (for them) it was not to be so… Of course we were having so much fun, we kept drawing. So, the first winner is…


Ginny. Ginny wins the book and a bigger goodie bag. We’ll email about what should be in it Ginny.


The second prize winner is…


Kara. Sorry Icelander, no book for you but there is a goodie bag with your name on it!


And the third prize went to…


Frazzlehead. You get a wee little bag of goodies as well.


Here’s the picture of the drawn names (we went old fashioned – names out of a trick or treat bag):


Congrats to all of you and thanks to everyone who entered. This was so fun, I’m going to do it again soon.



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7 responses to “The draw!

  1. threealpacas

    Congrats to all the winners! I’m looking forward to participating in the next one!

  2. Yay me!! Even if I didn’t win the book. If it all goes as planned, I’ll be at the library tonight looking into getting that book brought up here!

  3. Also, Gratz to Ginny and Frazzlehead!

  4. Thanks Judith. I’m already planning the next one.

  5. Kara – it was so likely that you would win somewhere given how many entries you had!!!

  6. Thanks so much for having this contest! I’m the luckiest person ever as I only entered once and really wanted to win but didn’t think I would. Yay for wanting it enough 😀 Congratulations to everyone else who won as well!

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