So many questions and thoughts on them…

So lately, amidst the packaging of orders and drawing of winners, there have been questions and behind those questions, anxiety. I can understand from whence it comes gentle reader, I’ve felt it myself. In the economy that feels like sand shifting under our feet, small shops are fading. Some of my favourite indie dyers are closing or restructuring (hopefully to rise from the ashes) and small shops too. I’m amazed at how many sell offs I’ve seen lately. And how many emails I’ve been getting that go something like this:

“dear flannelberry,

i’m saving up for an ashford, katie table loom and i want to be sure you’re not closing.


loyal and a- bit- nervous- customer”

Now, I’d be lying if I said these closures hadn’t ruffled me a little. They really have. I’ve come to realize it’s a good and useful sort of ruffling though. You see up until very recently I had been considering my options and ways I can grow Flannelberry. Although we’ll keep growing, rather than expanding, renting a storefront and hiring regular staff, I’ve decided to stay small, grow as slowly as I need to and have helpers with whom I can trade goods for work.

So, no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m in it for the long haul and while I’m sad that some really cool dyers and shops aren’t able to weather the storm, I’m so grateful for the information they shared, what they contributed to the fibre community and what I was able to learn from them.

Feel better? Ok, getting back to your knitting/dyeing/felting/weaving/spinning/hooking/tatting/fibre-ing.


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