Another give away?

Alright – the last give away was a blast. I love giving gifts and that was totally how it went! I have finally got all of the packages heading out to you. It took a bit of time to find the right things for the winners (I went with three instead of one!) but I did and hopefully their packages are either there or close to there.


So now I have the give away bug… and I have something I can’t keep up on so I thought I would combine those two things. My goal for the bra strap test was to have reviewed every bit of fibre in this place. I have done it with some (and need to post those) but really, I haven’t been able to do it anywhere near what I would have liked. Sure, I walked around with fibre in my bra a lot and jotted down notes but get it written out coherently and posted? Nope. So, what I’d like is for you to write a review of a product that you’ve used from Flannelberry and post it on the blog for me to copy over to the site (with a tag line of your screen name or name – which ever you prefer but making sure credit is given).

Just like before -the more times you post, the more chances to be entered in the draw!


As for what you’ll win? I’m thinking of a couple of skeins of yarn BUT if you really need something and a couple of skeins of yarn aren’t that something, I could probably be flexible.


Draw date? Hmmm… 15 December sound ok? I usually express post things so that should give those of you doing a last minute gift a chance.


Alright – getting posting!!!



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12 responses to “Another give away?

  1. Oh, this I can do – I think I *probably* have some Flannelberry Fibre stuff around here somewhere, if I look hard enough! Hee!

  2. Crystal

    (I hope this is the correct way of entering… Along with the fact that it’s not a yarn I’m reviewing..)

    I bought both sets (small and large needles) of the Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles from Flannelberry. First, the cases are awesome! Mine are super pretty, one purple and one blue. The tips are more blunt than some other needles out there, but that just means I hopefully won’t hurt myself ;). I *love* the swivel of the cables. Having the needle range broken up into two sets has eliminated my struggle of getting the stitches off the cable and onto the needle that I seemed to experience with my Boye set. I also purchased a longer cable for one of the sets, and I have found it really handy. I thought I would only use it for one project, but I’ve totally used it for more! Sure, it’s great to make your own long cable, but not having the connectors in the way is awesome! Overall, what can I say? I love my Hiya Hiya interchangeable sets πŸ™‚


  3. Review #1: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock
    This yarn is one of my favourite shawl-knitting yarns. The subtle colour variations show up beautifully in lace without causing the stitch definition to disappear, and the yarn itself is sturdy enough to withstand the tugging and prodding of working nupps or stringing beads. No splitting, no twisting, just a smooth, comfortable knit and a sturdy yet soft fabric as the result.

  4. Review #2: Malabrigo Silky
    This yarn has gorgeous lustre and is soft to the touch yet knits up into a reasonably sturdy fabric, nothing flimsy or weak-feeling about it. The twist is fairly light and occasionally your needles may catch on a split, but it’s not particularly bothersome, just something to watch for (you may not want to use your very sharpest tips with this). The very subtle variations in colour add richness and depth to the finished fabric without drawing attention to themselves.

  5. Review #3: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Bulky

    I used this to make a Chinook Scarf (you can see it in my Projects on Ravelry): it is a squishy thick cushiony fat deliciously soft yarn that just wants to be up next to your skin. It was a joy to knit with. The lovely gradations in colour look beautiful in plain old stockinette. I think a vest or sweater knit out of this yarn would be the ultimate in softness and comfort clothing, though as my finished object hasn’t yet been subjected to much wear so I can’t tell you how well the knitting holds up or if it pills much or not.

  6. Look at you go!

    Can I post the pic of your shawl?

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