Changes re in the works.

I have had a couple of awesome and very helpful emails about things that would make the site easier to navigate. Ironically some of them contradict each other so I can’t just say ‘I’ll do it all!’.


What I can say is that I’ve heard you and over the winter holidays I’ll be upgrading and making some changes. My hope is that you’ll keep the feedback coming because I want Flannelberry to work for all of us.


And a quick reminder – don’t forget to the enter the draw. You don’t have to write a ginormous review. Something point form like this:


Fleece Artist Trail Socks:


Likes: colourways, comfort and colourfastness

Dislikes: found a knot in one of my skeins

Projects I used this for: socks, shawl and blanket.


Would do it. Even better if you want to post pics etc.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled fibre play! Ok – but that’s a lie. I haven’t spun since the broken fingers. And yes, I will post the story of it soon. I’m just not ready yet.


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