Oh no

I quite like Anthropolgie and wish I could give the benefit of the doubt however…. it seems like the evidence is a bit damning. Read and decide for yourself.





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  1. I looked that over – tough call. “Inspired by” and “ripped off” are so hard to distinguish sometimes. There are noteable differences, as some have pointed out in the comments on the thread there, and of course there are obvious similarities, particularly in the general shape. Still – a centre front cable is quite different from a flat centre front with two ridges down either side, ribbing is not moss stitch, lace is not triple moss.
    I would suggest that this is an example of two knitted designs inspired by the same 1950’s style … and that the designer should keep in mind that if the style is popular enough to warrant mass production, then her design should be even more appealing to knitters. Better to say “hey, see this skirt at Anthropologie? Wanna make one yourself – guaranteed to fit your body, in your colour, in your favourite yarn, and prettier with side panels and lace instead of a single cable running right up over your stomach? Buy this book!”

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