The washing machine


Not fibre related you may think but you’d be wrong! Our washing machine died a week or so ago. It had been dying a slow death for about 2 months but it officially gave up the ghost this past week (along with the Kitchen Aid – but that is another story and really not fibre related!). So, here I am, looking at washers (I like these two:

When the sales guy helping me asked why I was stuck on a top loader I told him there were a few reasons. First – the Energy Star rating is nearly the same between this one and the one I was looking at – but the price is $200 different. Second – front loaders get a manky smell if the laundry is left in for any length of time (especially in the summer). I hate that! I’m not the only one because the companies have started impregnating the rubber gasket seal with antimicrobial whatevers to deal with it (and that would be reason three to not get one). Also – there are far fewer things to need repair in a top loader and a longer life expectancy. That’s significant and makes me wonder if the slight savings in dryer bills would be offset with longevity and one less appliance going to the dump?  Of course the really big reason for getting a top loader – and this was the hardest to explain – it’s so much easier to full and felt in a top loader. The downside is – all of the wool stuff we’ve been tossing in the front loader will need more TLC but I think that’s doable. As I have proven (with a lovely angora blend sweater J and LG bought be for Solstice last year) you can full in a front loader.


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  1. Joanne

    Hi C. I love my front loader, an Asko, 2nd hand to us and 13 years with us, so probably about 20 years old. It has its own water heater, spins really dry and uses 10 – 13 gals. of water per load. Pretty efficient. Hard to repair (Drew does his machining/mechanic’ing magic) due to access to parts being a challenge (closest is Calgary). I’d just like to full fabric/garments (presently mukluks) in a top loader, but use Drew’s shop wringer washer for that.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Joanne at Full Circle Farm

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