Bindesjal is kicking my butt.

Not one:

but two:

reversals of direction. I guess that is the downside of knitting from a recipe rather than a pattern. Sigh. However, it’s a pretty easy knit – but not boring so really, it could be worse!


Edit – ok – I just realized that second pick was a bad one, because it doesn’t really look like the tail is pointing in the wrong direction. Trust me – what should have been the pointy part of the tail was, in fact, reversed so it pointed into the body of the shawl.



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2 responses to “Bindesjal is kicking my butt.

  1. How on *earth* did you manage that? :S
    Maybe you need to set it down on a piece of paper right side up and trace it – then when you pick it up again you can set it on the picture and check your alignment. 🙂

  2. Joanne

    very clever thinking. My new knitting bit of heaven……The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society audiobook on an ipod and a Donegal Tweed cabled sweater back on the go. Perhaps it would keep you entertained to listen to a book whilst knitting a difficult bit!

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