In which my butt continunes to be kicked…

Yep. The shawl has one mistake that will live forever in it (and no, I’m not pointing it out) but it’s not kicking my butt. It’s the store. I was trying to switch platforms to a bigger, fancier store and have decided to shelf that project. I have not had time to place orders, update my inventory (although I did get it all logged so I made some progress) or PLAY WITH FIBRE. Ok, I did get a dye project done:


(the one on the home page) but there’s been too much computer and not enough fibre.


So, I’ve decided to add more features to the current site (like a site map which has been added and a search function that will be added), we’re going to have the yarn sorted by both brand and weight and so on. And I’d like your feedback. If it’s easier/more difficult to navigate, if there’s something you’d like to see and if there’s any that would make the online experience a better one for you.


Maybe another contest would help? I’ll go see what I have to offer up…


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  1. Well I can see I need to stretch this frame out!

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