I just don’t want to be at the computer -unless I’m knitting and watching something historical on it or emailing one of you about something you’d like to order!


We had a bit of a blow this winter. We had part of an old, heavy, rotten birch come down on the building that houses the shop. No damage to the fibre (thank goodness!!!) but it’s presented some difficulties and means we’ll be building in the summer (not such a bad thing really, I suppose).

There has been fibre play -even if I have’t been bragging about it šŸ™‚

This is a cutch exhaust dye bath using Aquarelle Liquid Dye extracts. Not the best picture but such a great colour. The initial fibre came out brown with a reddish tone – like cedar or something. This is more chocolatey and I could have keep going. There was plenty more dye in the pot but I need to try other colours (need – hahaha).



As usual, I figured I’d try the brown but I wouldn’t be blown away by it and how wrong I was!

Now back to your regularly scheduledĀ Kaellingesjal already in progress (and nearly done).


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