So… the site upgrade.

The site upgrade went a bit further than I thought. 

Currently, I have been up to my eyeballs in my day job and baby chickens, funnily enough… so the store has suffered. Really suffered (poor Flannelberry). Funnily enough, as I was torn and trying to figure out what to do (I don’t want to give up the store and I don’t want to to a crummy job) a friend mentioned that if I wasn’t super into the store or was too busy or… she’d LOVE to adopt it. 


That was amazing. And sad but mostly amazing. She has the time and the computer know how. I have a bunch of stuff too (or at least I’ve convinced her I have hahaha) and so we decided to amalgamate. That’s right – rather than close the doors we’re becoming Flanneberry Creek. 

Cool hey? 

So, check out the new site here:

Be forewarned that we’re still figuring out glitches and such but we’re here and it’s really cool.


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