On the needles

Two really cool things are happening at Flannelberry these days… We have been playing with Botanical Colors dyes:

Now that I’ve got a sense of these amazing dyes (I’m using the Aquarelle) they’ll be going up on the site.  I didn’t want to list them before I had played with them. Let me say I love them. They’re as easy as any of the acid wash dyes and oh my goodness! The colours. Stunning.

The other news is that we have more Little Red Bicycle heading north to us and it looks like we’re going to be the lucky ones to carry a new line of yarns from an indie dye collective. Way too exciting.

Oh yeah – and on the needles is this:

This is a recreation of a shawl from a Denmark Museum – well, it’s the bottom border of what will be a shawl. I’m a bit intimidated by the recipe but love knitting historical items and I really love supporting anyone who takes the time to unravel the mystery of these old items. If you want to join me in honouring this masterpiece, you can pick up the pattern on Ravelry.



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8 responses to “On the needles

  1. Joanne

    Truly beautiful. You’re an inspiration, Colleen! Knitting in Canyon……

  2. Oh, Kaellingesjal! Love that shawl. It’s gonna be gorgeous in that blue!

  3. Judith

    Can you tell us a little bit about the dyes? How are they different than others like Lanaset?

  4. Botanical Colors are totally natural dyes. You can use them like Lanaset. I am stocking the Aquarelle (which comes as a liquid) but hoping to expand….It is really fun to splash around on yarn. LG and I made the most fantabulous Saxon Blue/Green with the Indigo and Himalayan Rhubarb. I’ll post that next.

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